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Selected news sources covering sports governance

BBC - Business of Sport

Superb Wilson free-kick gives Wales win over Republic in Dublin


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Inside World Football

Saudi Arabia’s Man Utd ambition is just one part of a geo-political football power play

World Football Insider

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Play the Game News

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Manchester clubs lead way as PL shirt deals climb to £315.6m

Sports Pro

Report: MLS in talks over Copa Libertadores debut

Velo News

Utah stage 6: Kuss wins final stage and takes overall victory in Park City

The cost of marginalising Tech-Voc Education (Pt 3): corporal punishment, “weak” students and loss of teacher time

Beyond the Pitch


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Host City

Yutang Sports partners with Host City Asia

Sport Industry

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Wall Street Journal - Corruption Currents (P)

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BBC World Service - World Football

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Around the Rings (P)

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Sportcal (P)

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SportBusiness (P)

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Law in Sport

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Horton, Paltrinieri & Hirai Seeking perfect mix of Pool ‘N Pier At Victorian State Titles

Yutang Sports (China)

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Sports Management Magazine

Individuals & blogs

The Economist – Game Theory

Savvy or collusion? Why baseball’s free-agent market has turned ice-cold

Financial Times - Simon Kuper (P)

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The Least Thing - Roger Pielke

Thanks for Reading

3wiresports - Alan Abrahamson

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Associated Press - Rob Harris

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Keir Radnedge

BOA Team GB — Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games: Day 10 in Review

Declan Hill

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Asser International Sports Law Blog

The proportionality test under Art. 101 (1) TFEU and the legitimacy of UEFA Financial fair-play regulations: From the Meca Medina and Majcen ruling of the European Court of Justice to the Galatasaray and AC Milan awards of the Court of Arbitration for Sport – By Stefano Bastianon

The Offshore Game

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Globetrotting - Phil Hersh

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Mondial – James Corbett

Spot the difference

Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer – James Dorsey

Turkey plays Khashoggi crisis to its geopolitical advantage

Tennis has a steroid problem

Parting Gift

Science of Sport

NUDGE: A data-driven attempt at reducing concussion risk in rugby. A process explained

Sports Integrity Initiative

Authorities to investigate Asian Games match-fixing claims

The Scottish Football Monitor

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Transparency in Sport - Andrew Jennings

The Sporting Corleones of the Caspian - Part 1

Final score on football law - Daniel Geey

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Mihir Bose

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Mauricio Savarese

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Terrence Burns

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Other languages

Sport and Politics - Jens Weinreich (DE)

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Francs Jeux (FR)

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Calcio & Finanza (IT)

FIGC, Lega B scettica su Gravina: “Fornisca i tempi per la riforma dei campionati”

Panorama - Fair Play (IT)

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Iusport Italia (IT)

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Sport Web Intelligence (FR)

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Palco 23 (ES)

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Negócios do Esporte (PO)

Ponto final

Fernando Molica (PO)

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Juca Kfouri (PO)

Nelson Rodrigues não acreditava em tortura

Jamil Chade (PO)

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José Cruz (PO)

Até a próxima parada. Abraço, Amigos.

Le Figaro – Observatoire du sport business (FR)

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Cahiers du Football (FR)

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Correct!v - Daniel Drepper (DE)

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