Sports Mediation

I Trust Sport is working with leading mediation chambers In Place of Strife to provide an international sports industry mediation service.

Together we offer:

Whether it be resolution of a commercial dispute, moderation of differences in the workplace, unhappy employees or governance or succession issues we can offer highly experienced and effective mediators who can assist in bringing parties together, facilitating productive negotiation and finding a solution acceptable to all parties.

Benefits of mediation (also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution)

How it works

The structure depends on the specific issue but the spirit, aims and methods are often similar. The mediator will work with all parties, in an informal environment, exploring a dispute impartially, taking into account everyone’s objectives, suggesting ways in which the gaps can be bridged and assisting and providing momentum to a negotiation. He/she does not dictate settlement terms and will not disclose unauthorised information either between parties or with any third party. Indeed, even the existence of the mediation is kept confidential.

Mediation is a voluntary process - the parties themselves are always in control.

If a resolution is reached - and 85% of the time it is - the mediator will work to produce a binding legal agreement or a Memorandum of Understanding on which one may be based. In the alternative, the mediator will identify points of difference and agreement as a basis for any further negotiation or action.

Whatever the nature of the dispute, we can assist the parties in agreeing a format for the mediation, whether it be over the course of a day or over several sessions. We will supply you with detailed guidance on how the process will work, what to expect and how best to prepare. In addition, we can provide ongoing support to assist in avoiding future disputes or help in identifying the warning signs of such.

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